Government Branding in India

Government Branding in India

Government branding in India can be defined as the strategy used to monitor the changing perception of the public for and against the government and suppressing all negative contents in order to decrease its visibility.

With the advent of different digital channels and its incorporation in the day-to-day activities of the government to enhance its image is widely used phenomenon across the world.

Platforms like social media help the government to harness the collective energy of the population and get to know the problems of the public and their perceptions.

Government branding helps to foster an open and easy communication channel to address public issues and to contain damaging contents well in advance before it appears online. It also helps to reach out to the younger generation who are blunt with their comments and opinions about the government and post it without any fear.

Government branding in India apart from changing the public perception helps the public to participate in the service delivery by giving them the latest information and civic news.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and blogs plays an important role in government branding for their interaction with the public which in turn helps them in the decision making process and retain the public’s influence and effectiveness.

Government branding in India reduces the gap between the government and the changing perception of the people across the country.

Government branding also project a friendly government image to other countries thereby attracting Investments by giving proper information and knowledge about the country.

Tourism and foreign direct investment depend a lot on the image of the government of a particular country, and government branding helps to build up the image of a country.

The perception of the government and the country as a whole depends a lot on the experience of a person who visits a country for tourism and business and gets the firsthand experience.

Government branding in India helps to project an investor friendly government. Government branding in India is an important strategy to reach out to masses, and it should be implemented both online and offline to forge a balance in the strategy.

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