Social Content Marketing: Why You Need It?

                   Social Content Marketing: Why You Need It?

As per Social Media Marketing Industry Report, of 2013, more than 80% of marketers have unequivocally stated that social media is essential for marketing their business. Social media enables you to reach both prospective as well as existing consumers – provided you do your social content marketing right.

Social content lures your audience towards you, building awareness all the way. But, creating quality social media content is as challenging as it is critical.  Be aware that consumers are capable of sifting through the clutter to identify quality content. Also, remember that search engine algorithms will reward publishers for the most clicked content.

More and more brands keep emerging as publishers push content along various channels – website articles, e-newsletters, blogs and videos that seamlessly integrate with social media platforms.

Social media plays a critical role in content marketing. You should thus assume responsibility for monitoring the success of your social content marketing efforts. Learn to measure the effectiveness of how your content is shared on social media.

It is said – and rightly too – that an image is worth a thousand words. Produce image-based content to drive social media engagement. As photos generate higher engagement rates than text-based content, you need to develop more branded images for social media platforms.

As an image-sharing platform, Pinterest represents arguably the highest revenue-generating potential of all social media channels.

You must leverage Twitter’s new direct message (DM) feature, which enables you to receive DMs from anyone of your choice.

Needless to say, LinkedIn is the leading social media site for social content marketing professionals – with over 240 million users. LinkedIn is emerging as the top source for business-related content.

You need more than just an interesting subject to be successful on Facebook. Volume is less important on Facebook and what really matters is consistent quality.

Google+ user base continues to expand exponentially. Social content marketers flock to Google+ to successfully engage with consumers for Google+ has a profound influence on search engine rankings.

Make sure embedding is enabled so that other users can post your videos to their websites. Showcase professional videos along with your homegrown ones to further humanize your brand.

Of course, you should share all the content you publish across all of your social networks.  Guest blogging on external sites offers varied benefits to social content marketers. When you post on blogs not your own, your social following grows. The posts further improve your link popularity and help your site to rank higher in search results.

Contribute to relevant blogs and invite relevant bloggers to contribute to your site. Your social content marketing will grab you user attention, help build robust rapport with consumers and support your branding.

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